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AECC was founded with the specific intent of providing top quality environmental services and solutions.  We pride ourselves in helping Clients understand environmental problems, evaluate risks, and develop reasonable, actionable, and cost-effective solutions. Our Client’s needs and concerns are always our top priority and we strive to provide them with the information, service, and quality, they need to achieve their project goals. AECC’s commitment to high quality services and innovative solutions improves a project's performance, ensures project deadlines are met, and reduces the project’s financial burden to the Client.

AECC’s qualifications to provide professional environmental consulting services are derived from our staff’s education, training, diverse experience, and the number/types of projects completed by our personnel.  The value of our expertise is widely recognized and utilized by hundreds of clients to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations. AECC's experience has been gained through the execution of projects with government, industrial, manufacturing, commercial, multi-tenant, and residential clients. Our personnel offer a full range of consulting services with appropriately trained and certified professionals who know the regulatory requirements and local practices.

AECC’s personnel have vast technical expertise, sound knowledge, and significant experience executing environmental projects. In fact, most of AECC’s personnel worked for national and international environmental consulting firms for a majority of their professional careers, prior to joining the firm.  Each of these individuals has a history of providing exceptional service to large national and international clients, as well as municipalities and smaller businesses.

At AECC, we believe that the strength of staff, commitment to high quality, and search for appropriate solutions for our Clients set us apart from our competitors.