Environmental Health & Safety Compliance

A sound Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) performance program starts with a comprehensive evaluation of the foundation of an organization’s compliance with laws, regulations, and Best Management Practices (BMPs). Once gaps or shortfalls are identified, actions can be taken to reduce potential risks and implement needed improvements. These actions reduce non-compliance issues, violations/citations, and the potential for accidents to occur. High-performing organizations advance this sound foundation by building exemplary EHS programs with effective management systems. These programs provide significant value to the organization with minimal risk. AECC provides the experience and expertise to assist our clients in meeting their regulatory and company compliance objectives. We pride ourselves in being able to assist our clients to understand their EHS compliance issues, and in our ability to develop reasonable, actionable and cost-effective solutions. This helps our Clients create sustainable programs and management practices. We listen to our client’s objectives and strive to provide them with the information they require to achieve their goals.

If our clients require highly-specialized services outside of our domain, AECC’s professional network and partnerships allow us to seamlessly assemble project teams with the best possible mix of technical expertise, knowledge of local laws/regulations, and unique knowledge of the facility’s processes. AECC can manage portfolios of complex projects, while providing a single point of contact. Examples of AECC’s EHS compliance services include:

Site Inspections and Audits:
  • Multimedia Environmental Compliance Audits
  • Occupational Health & Safety Audits
  • Hazardous Material Inspections
  • Management System Audits 

Program Support Services:

  • EHS Program Development
  • Development of Audit Checklists
  • Policy Development
  • Petroleum & Chemical Bulk Storage Assessment
  • Outsourced EHS Compliance Services
  • Environmental Risk Management Analysis & Hazard Control
  • Budget Analysis
  • Training Program Development & Implementation