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AECC has experienced significant growth over the past two years. Several reasons for the success of the company include:

Environmental & Brownfield Redevelopment Experience - AECC has assembled a unique team of environmental and brownfield redevelopment experts with several hundred years of aggregate experience in site investigation, regulatory negotiation, and implementation of remedial solutions in support of the ultimate site re-use.

An “End-Use First” Approach- AECC approaches the cleanup of brownfield and remediation sites, not with the focus on the remedy, but on the ultimate best use of the site for the benefit of the client. This approach maximizes asset value, while minimizing liability. In addition, tactical elements of the remedy may double as elements in the redevelopment plan avoiding additional project costs.

Regulatory Knowledge and Relationships- the key to a cost-effective remedy is not only knowing the regulatory requirements that apply but how to use those requirements to implement the appropriate remedy that is protective of human health and the environment while supporting the development plan. Knowing the regulatory personnel at EPA and DEC involved at the site and negotiating the cleanup criteria can satisfy both the regulatory and project needs. AECC personnel have a very good relationship with the EPA and NYSDEC.

Value Priced - AECC’s hourly rates are generally value priced in comparison to our competition, especially when comparing the caliber of our professional staff to other firms. This is due to AECC’s philosophy of keeping overhead costs to a minimum.

Use Available Tools for the Solution- AECC approaches projects such as Ogilvie using not only good science and engineering but also sound environmental management as well as risk mitigation and transfer tools. Unlike many consulting firms, AECC employs a member of its senior management team that is a licensed property & casualty insurance broker to consider the insurance options that may apply to this project. Insurance tools can reduce unexpected and long term liability positioning the site more favorably for future development.

Cleanup Alternatives to Improve the Solution while Minimizing Costs - AECC’s considerable experience maximizes the use of limited grant funds by effectively evaluating the alternatives to avoid cost and improve the result. Some expected remedial methods may appear to be the most appropriate but upon further examination can be improved at a reduced overall cost and liability.

We Strive to Meet the Ultimate Goal - AECC has the technical expertise and business knowledge to meet the ultimate goal of not only cleaning up the Ogilvie site, but returning it to a productive best use for the benefit of the community.